1000 ml Spray Bottle 28/410

1000ml Trigger


The 1000 ml Spray Bottle 28/410 has a filling volume of 1000 millilitres and an empty weight of only 39 grams. It is manufactured using stretch blow moulding technology (SBM) at the Kaiserslautern site in Germany. It is made of PET and is also available with post-consumer recycled PET (PCR possible). You can choose the percentage of recycled material - up to 100 per cent rPET. In addition, the spray bottle has a screw neck finish and can be combined with all standard 28/410 closures. This transparent bottle is mainly used for home care. The minimum order quantity is 150,000 units.

CO₂ footprint (g CO₂e)

100% rPET 1000 ml Spray Bottle 28/410
50 g
1000 ml Spray Bottle 28/410
129 g
435 g

The closures below are only an excerpt from our portfolio. Please ask our sales department for the appropriate closure.

PCR possible
Neck Connection
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