500 ml Desinfectant DIN25

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The 500 ml Desinfectant DIN25 has a filling volume of 500 millilitres and an empty weight of only 38 grams. It is manufactured using extrusion blow moulding technology (EBM) at the Steinabrückl site in Austria and it is made of HDPE. In addition, the rectangular bottle has a screw neck finish and can be combined with all DIN25 closures. This natural-coloured bottle is mainly used for desinfectants and home care. It can be decorated upon request.

CO₂ footprint (g CO₂e)

100% 500 ml Desinfectant DIN25
18 g
500 ml Desinfectant DIN25
76 g
442 g

We also provide the suitable closure to this product. Our sales can give you further informations.

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