EZ 18002 PAIL

EZ 18002


Introducing the EZ18002 Pail: a round plastic bucket with a nominal capacity of 18000 ml. The EZ18002 Pail features a round form and metal handle with roller grip, making it versatile for various applications. With dimensions of 325 mm in diameter and 292 mm in height, this bucket offers plenty of storage space for its size. Customise the plastic pail with attractive decoration options. ALPLAindustrial manufactures buckets in Hungary. It is available in a minimum order of 400 units. This durable bucket with a seal lid, universal lid, and shaker lid ensures secure closure, making it suitable for food and beverage applications, construction, chemical industry, agriculture and farming, household use, and automotive applications. It is stackable and PCR possible, providing a sustainable packaging solution with a lower CO2 footprint. Contact us for more detailed information and customisation options.

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